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Flexible Scheduling, made even more Flexible!

With our hours consisting of operation between 7am-7pm, you can count n being able to schedule an appointment outside of work or when your children are finished with school for the day. This flexibility offers convenience on anther level. A level that we’re willing to work with due to the patient being the number one priority!

Whole-Family Appointments

At Silver Sage Family Dentistry, we care about FAMILY! This is why we offer whole-family scheduling. The way the times are nowadays, it’s difficult enough to have the whole family sit down together for dinner, but with Silver Sage Family Dentistry, you have the convenience of having all of your family members’ dental needs taken care of in one visit!

Fewer Visits

At Silver Sage Family Dental, we believe in completing the most work possible in one visit while still maintaining the safety of the patient. This way, the patient doesn’t have to continuously return to the office in order to complete the procedure.

To request an appointment, call 817-756-8639 , or fill out our online form.

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