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The Patient Comes First

At Silver Sage Family Dentistry, we believe that the patient is the priority. We take the time to understand and cater to each patient’s individual needs and ensure that they have the best experience possible within our office during their visit.

Your North Fort Worth dentists always begin by making sure you are comfortable, offering the latest advancements in sedation dentistry for those patients who find sedation helpful. We are now able to complete many procedures, from root canals to crowns, and even deep cleanings, while patients are mildly sedated and relaxed, avoiding the anxiety and stress that can be associated with long or repeated treatments.

A smooth Procedure in Just Three Steps:

We use a gel that contains 20% Benzocaine. This provides the patient with a numbed mouth so that even when the initial injection is performed, the patient does not receive the common “pinch” feeling upon injection of the local anesthetic.

We raise the temperature of our local anesthetic to a temperature that is much more compatible with the body’s natural temperature. In turn, this allows the discomfort of an injection to be reduced significantly and reduces the likelihood that the patient will experience discomfort.

A revolutionary new technology called the DentalVibe is the secret weapon of our 3-Step Comfort Process. Silver Sage Family Dentistry is one of the few practices in the area using DentalVibe which is a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. When we use the DentalVibe device, patients don’t even realize that they’ve received shots! How does it work? Vibration signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals do, so DentalVibe’s vibrations reach the brain first and essentially block the sensation of pain from ever being felt. The result is astounding to most patients, but especially those who have always felt fearful of dental injections. When we use DentalVibe, patients are amazed and truly thankful for the amount of comfort they feel during injections. Come in and experience the difference for yourself! When we take care of you and your smile, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

"DentalVibe makes dental care more comfortable for patients of all ages, but especially younger patients and those who feel dental anxiety."

“Loved this office! The staff was super courteous and explained everything in detail. Highly recommend!!!”  
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Gentle Dental Care

To us, the only way to provide excellent care and wonderful patient experiences is with a soft touch. We take this very seriously, going above and beyond to make sure our patients are comfortable. If you feel nervous about or even afraid of dental treatment, you’re not alone. It’s actually quite common. Our goal is to always provide compassionate, gentle care.

Sedation Dentistry

Being relaxed and comfortable in our environment is one of the most important things when visiting the dentist’s office. The sedation therapy route allows the patient to be at ease during any procedure. After the procedure is completed, the patient then arises from their relaxed state, feeling at peace with themselves and the dentist for completing the operation in an efficient and effective manner, all while the patient is is in a serene state of mind.

For the children who visit our office, we have the option of laughing gas. This option provides a lighter sedation method than the full-strength IV Sedation and/or adult-level sedation.

While we are reviewing whether or not you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry, we’ll refer to your health history, the medications you take each day, and if you have any potentially dangerous habits; such as drinking or smoking.

Patient Perks

At Silver Sage Family Dentistry, we have a multitude of amenities to make patients feel right at home! These amenities include everything from a variety of hot/cold beverages, TVs, pillows, blankets, and free wifi! You, the patients, are our top priority!

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