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Unlike dentures from years ago, today’s dentures give you an amazing-looking and functional smile. If you are missing teeth, Silver Sage Family Dentistry can provide beautiful replacements. Nothing shows confidence like a great smile.

Dentures in Fort Worth

If you are thinking about getting dentures in Fort Worth, then call the professionals at Silver Sage Family Dentistry. We specialize in providing affordable dentures for patients with missing teeth.

Teeth can become damaged or can be affected by gum disease. Unfortunate accidents can also leave us with missing teeth. Fortunately, replacing missing or lost teeth is a relatively simple procedure and can restore your smile in just weeks.

Traditional dentures have a long history of replacing lost or missing teeth. Unlike the dentures of long ago, today’s dentures are made of special composites that are not only strong and durable but also have a natural look. The composite resins also maintain that look and resist staining better than their plastic predecessors.

Traditional dentures can be fitted for small gaps where teeth are missing. These partial dentures are custom fit to blend with your existing teeth shapes and colors. When patients need a full replacement, our team will build your custom dentures designed just for you.

Why wear dentures

Along with giving you a healthy-looking smile, dentures allow you to eat the foods that you have come to love. They also help your face to maintain its structure. In most cases, we will try to save a damaged tooth, but when that is not possible, for many, dentures are the ideal option.

What to expect

When you are ready for dentures, we’ll start by creating an impression of your mouth. From this, we’ll build your dentures. After they are installed, we recommend regular dental visits to make sure you are adjusting to the dentures.

Caring for your dentures

Just like regular teeth, your dentures need to be taken care of. Brush and rinse your dentures daily. When you remove them, keep them protected from damage and soak them in a dental cleaning solution or warm water.

Tips for new denture patients

After you get dentures, it may take some time to adjust to them. Start by eating softer foods. As your gums get used to the dentures, start bringing in your favorite foods. Rinse your mouth routinely with warm salt water if you show signs of increased salivation. Consider using a denture gel between the gums and the dentures to increase comfort. If soreness or swelling continues, call our team at Silver Sage Family Dentistry for a follow-up appointment.

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Review from Brittany B.
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five-star review

Brittany B.

Great dentist. The office is very clean and the staff are very knowledgeable and nice. I have been to some pretty bad dentists and I'm happy to say that this office is not one of them.
Review from Danielle K.
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five-star review

Danielle K.

I have been very pleased with the dental office. The dentist there spotted a problem in a tooth that I have complained about for years that no other dentist ever was able to see. The office is friendly and clean and there are TVs mounted above you so you can watch shows while they work on your teeth. Great place!
Review from Malina R.
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five-star review

Malina R.

Such a friendly group of staff, excellent service! I didn't feel like I was just another customer. I felt very comfortable and at home kind of feeling.
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Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile have always been very important to Dr. T.

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