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Hygiene Services in Fort Worth, TX

We believe in taking a proactive, conservative approach to our patients’ oral health. That means that we do what we can to help you maintain a healthy smile and prevent you from needing extensive, complex treatments in the future. However, if you’re currently struggling with a dental problem like gum disease, our hygiene services can benefit you, too. Whether you have great oral health or your mouth needs a little extra attention, we offer a range of services to help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile for years to come.

Standard Cleaning & Exam

According to the American Dental Association, you should get a routine dental cleaning and checkup every six months. By doing so, our skilled team is able to catch any dental issues while they’re still small. It also gives us a chance to properly clean your teeth, and get any spots you may be missing. If you’re overdue for your checkup, contact our office to schedule a visit!

Ultrasonic Cleanings for Periodontal Care

If you have gum disease, an ultrasonic cleaning can remove any plaque or tartar that may be hiding in your gum line and attacking your surrounding gum and bone tissue. We use an instrument called an ultrasonic scaler that emits vibrations and sound waves to break apart and wash away stubborn plaque and tartar.

Cavity Prevention

From children to adults, cavities are something we all want to avoid. We have two preventive treatment options to protect your teeth against tooth decay.

  • Dental Sealants—Naturally, our teeth have grooves on the chewing surface, and it’s common for food debris and bad bacteria to nestle into these crevices which can lead to cavities. Dental sealants are applied over the top part of your tooth to cover the grooves. This helps prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • Fluoride Treatments—As a preventive measure, we’ll usually give you a fluoride treatment from time to time. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to acid attacks from cavity-causing bacteria and sugar in your mouth. Fluoride can remineralize enamel and keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

Oral Cancer Screenings

An oral cancer screening is a low-cost visual and physical examination of your mouth, neck, lips, and nose. We’ll look for any abnormalities such as discoloration in your mouth, unusual nodules or lumps, and swelling. Early detection increases survival rate, which is another reason why you shouldn’t skip your biannual dental exams.


What are the benefits of an ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleanings have a variety of advantages for patients. Compared to other treatment options for gum disease, the ultrasonic equipment can remove plaque and tartar at a faster rate. These cleanings can stop gum disease in its tracks and cause little to no discomfort or sensitivity. They can even reduce the appearance of tooth stains!

When should my child have their first dental visit?

Baby teeth are more susceptible to decay and cavities, so it’s important to have your child start visiting the dentist by their first birthday or when they get in their first tooth. Even though kids eventually lose their baby teeth, they are very important. They act as a guide for adult teeth, and they help children eat and speak.

How much do your hygiene services cost?

The cost of our hygiene services depends on what treatment you get. When you visit our office for your initial consultation, we’ll go over our prices and recommend which hygiene services you may need based on your current oral health and lifestyle. We’ll always be upfront about treatment costs and work with you to fit a healthy smile into your budget.

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