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TMJ/TMD is a common issue faced amongst many individuals. Some cases are mild, while some cases are severe. Both scenarios should be addressed properly to ensure that neither progress to the point of permanent damage. TMJ/TMD affects around 20-30% of the population; while primarily affecting women. Symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD are often headaches, worn teeth, jaw pain, and an overall feeling of tension in the upper body. Often times these issues can be addressed and solved properly with lifestyle changes: stress reduction, diet adjustments, and increased exercise. If that does not solve the issue, a night-guard may be required to prevent the teeth from grinding and damaging the overall structure any more than what has already been done. Night-guards are custom molded to the patient’s teeth and ensure the bottom and top rows have a comfortable shelf to nestle in to. This usually corrects the issues that are occurring as a direct result of the TMJ/TMD disorder.

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